1999 - present Self-employed with Graphic Design Studio in Derry, NH
1999 Relocated to Derry, NH USA
1992 - 1999 Self-employed with Graphic Design Studio in Nürnberg, Germany
1990 - 1992 Agentur Kreis, Nürnberg (Junior Art Director)
1989 - 1990 Freelancer for McCann Erickson Advertising Agency and
Maul Belser Medienverbund in Nürnberg, Germany
1989 Graphic Design/Communications Design Diploma
at IN.D Institute of Design, Hamburg, Germany
Born and raised in Hamburg, Germany
It has always been fun to have a pencil ready. I loved to capture odd situations or people - such as doodling teachers during a seemingly endless school day. Ensuring entertainment for my classmates certainly was my early goal and very much appreciated. Since most of the art was spread over my school papers I never achieved the golden star in the neatness department.
Growing older and more responsible I organized my creativity. After enjoying a year of internships in publishing houses and advertising agencies, I started Graphic Design School. At that time my most exciting new fellow students were a bunch of DOS computers with 5" slots. Well, those quickly lost their appeal to the new MAC generation, where files where cute little paper sheet icons and directories neat little suitcases.
I still stick with the MACs and feel at home with the Adobe family - we are the perfect team in creating graphics for print- and webdesign for many different industries.
Even though I went through lots of technical updates - one thing did not change to the present day: There is always a sharpened pencil in my company!
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